How To Create Click Bait Thumbnails for CTR

How To Create Click Bait Thumbnails for CTR
How To Make Click-Bait Thumbnails
how to make a clickbait thumbnail for youtube

Click baits are quite common in social media, and marketing..for youtube CTR (click-through rate) which helps to get more watch time on your video…
The basic concept of ‘clickbait’ is to create a melodramatic title for an online article so as to manipulate people into clicking the link and reading the content or watch the your video…Why do I need this? For What? Learn more…

Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment
Primary Containment
Chemical Containment

ArmorThane Secondary Containment coatings are involved with all types of containment systems that may be sealed or open air with surfaces of metal, plastic, concrete or geotextile materials. The goal is to prevent leaks and spills from harming people, surrounding areas and groundwater. Here are products typically used:

  • EnviroThane – modified polyurea: top-of-the-line chemically resistance and impermeable membrane; quick set time; excellent flexibility; extremely low shrinkage rates (even better than typical elastomers)
  • HighLine 310 – polyureas: sets as quickly as 2 seconds; very good impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance; consistent qualities even in extreme hot or cold climates
  • HighLine 510 – pure polyurea: excellent corrosion resistance; superior skid resistance even to the HighLine 310; slightly slower set time for a smoother texture application; lower sensitivity to moisture for spraying in environments that don’t allow other elastomeric coatings options
  • Armor HiChem – polyurea: most comprehensive chemical and corrosion resistance; good skid resistance; very good impact and abrasion resistance; ideal for chemically corrosive material handling
  • SureGrip – soft polyurea: greatest elongation properties, tensile and tear strength for high movement; adapts very well to multiple substrates; highest coefficient of friction, maxing out our slip resistance testing