For the ultimate excellence and perfection in photography, use our muslin backdrops forever.

Backdrops4ever is a pathbreaking marketplace for every photographer looking for the essentials of
a perfect studio setup – Backdrops. Breathtakingly beautiful backdrops are an absolute must have among your most
essential studio gear whether you’re shooting in studio or

Mottled Muslin Backdrops
Muslin Studio Backdrops
Chroma Key Solid Backdrops
Muslin Photography Backdrops
Handpainted mottled Backdrops



AriesX Lighting | Made to Light | AriesX brings to India a whole new way to light your images as a photographer
AriesX is a Photography Lighting company based in New Delhi, India. It has been built using the years
of experience of professional photographers, technicians and
pioneers of the industry. 
Built from the ground up with German electronics, they provide
accurate lighting every time. We provide the best and most
affordable lighting solutions to photographers of all skill
levels. Our lighting modifiers are best in class and are
available at unbelievable prices
. We have a combined industry experience of over 50 years and we put it to good use
in each and every single product we sell. Every Light, Light
Modifier or piece of Equipment has been thoroughly tested to fit
the most stringent benchmarks and standards.

studio flash
parabolic reflector
light stands
Light Modifier


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Photographers products
flat lay clothing photography
Product photography

Our leading Los Angeles downtown product photography studio is an easiest and most affordable way to have your products photographed professionally. Our experienced professional product photographers are capable of working with all types of products (jewelry, handbags, belts, scarves, accessories of every color and material). It doesn’t matter if you are a big name company or just a start-up, or if you need to photograph just one item or hundreds of products at once – we definitely can help you!



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